Aurobindo Spices: The Taste of Tradition

Aurobindo spices private limited is a company based in India manufacturing specially blended spices using traditional processes and recipes. Our products are unique and evoke the taste and feel of our grandmother’s pickles and spices At Aurobindo Spices, we’re passionate about bringing the vibrant taste of India to your kitchen. We offer a wide range of premium spices, expertly blended masalas, and flavorful pickles, all crafted with you in mind.

Our carefully sourced spices are available whole or ground, allowing you to customize your culinary creations. We also feature convenient pre-blended spice mixes like meat masala and vegetable masala, perfect for making delicious dishes in minutes.
We use unique low-temperature grinding technology to preserve the natural essence and aroma of each spice, ensuring you experience the full depth of Indian flavors in every bite.

Since 1937

About Ruvin Mart

Ruvin Mart is our exciting new venture, a one-stop e-commerce platform for all your grocery needs. From essential staples like rice and dal to a vast selection of spices and more, Ruvin Mart caters to both individual households and retailers seeking bulk options.

We’re passionate about making your life easier. Ruvin Mart offers the convenience of online shopping, coupled with the quality and taste you trust from Aurobindo Spices.

Explore the world of Ruvin Mart by Aurobindo Spices and discover how our products can elevate your everyday cooking.